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A-La Carte Services:

Float Therapy: $39 per session

Massage Therapy: $55 per hour

Infrared Sauna: $15 per 30 minute session

Personal Training Workshops: $90 for four weeks

Zyto Scan: $30 per scan

EVOX: $85 for two 30 minute sessions

Chiropractic: $15 per session (once monthly)


Wellness Program Background:

At The Renova Center, Norfolk's premier wellness facility, holistic wellness providers and practitioners work with clients to help them achieve their wellness goals. Starting with a whole-body biofeedback scan, we help plan each individual's custom wellness journey, focusing on both physical and mental wellness. 


Services Available:

Weekly 60-minute float therapy sessions, electromagnetic field therapy sessions, and infrared sauna sessions


Weekly biofeedback scans and mental reframing sessions


Weekly personal training workshops featuring HIIT exercises, stress reduction, flexibility, yoga, and low-impact fitness

Monthly chiropractic adjustment sessions

Monthly massage therapy sessions




Veterans are the Renova Center's first love.  We launched programs and services based on the need to fight suicide and the Veteran's signature illnesses of TBI and PTSD.  


Veterans are one of America's greatest asset. Too often they are asked to hold the line and protect our world with too little rest, post-traumatic stress, depression, family or financial stress, and poor diets working against them.


When they return to the home front, they are dealing with the same traumas as the world multiplied by their own afflictions and often loss of limbs.


With their current personnel needs it can be challenging to incorporate wellness, a healthy diet, and exercise.


Lack of mission and physical and mental wellness have a negative impact on mood, work performance, and long-term health. 

We offer a variety of wellness services that could benefit every Veteran Warrior and their family and friends, and we work with them to customize their own wellness journey.


Our central location in the NEON Art District of Norfolk will make focusing on their health and well-being clear and effective.



The Renova Center was founded in 2012 as a place for research, education, and treatments all focused in the world of holistic and integrative wellness. Today iti s Norfolk's premier center for wellness activities.


We proudly serve the entire Hampton Roads community, especially our law enforcement, military, and other first responders through our wellness modalities and therapies, as well as our charitable affiliations.



Deborah Cox Wood, PhD, ND

Founder and Resident Naturopath

May Savvin

General Manager, Fitness Norfolk

Personal Trainer & Plant-Based Diet Consultant


Jackie Clemons

General Manager, Float Norfolk

Biofeedback and Mental Reframing Advisor

Zachary Schultes, JD

Wellness Center Manager

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