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  • Deb Wood, PhD, ND, CEO


Today is Halloween. Our poor children will eat so much candy, they won't understand why they feel bad. And how can we stop them? They are having SO MUCH FUN. None of us want to be the "candy-scrooge."

We see creative costumes and big eyes looking at all that candy in their personal bags. My two-year-old grands said, "My candy." In other words, keep out. If you want any of their candy, you have to wait until they fall asleep.

I love how all the Churches have become involved in what is referred to as "TRUNK OR TREAT." And some people go ALL out in decorating their car-trunks and making sure the kids have a great time. Or is it the big kid in them? Some of us just can't get enough of Halloween ... dressing up in costumes and giving themselves permission to eat junk-food, and have fun.

Some people are not fans of this holiday, saying it comes from a demonic origin. But how can you stop it, when you see the many Supermen, Batmen, Princesses, Angels, and many more little characters wondering why adults are giving them candy and saying it's ok to eat it. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Tomorrow should be a holiday - but parents don't want their little angels at home all day after eating all that sugar. Poor teachers, who are glad this happens only once a year.

TRICK OR TREAT anyone? Drink your celery juice in the morning and try hard to get your kids to drink some. It might make the day go better for them, you and your children's caretakers.


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