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Dr. Morgan Joe - Cavalier Chiropractic - Premier Wellness at The Renova Center

It is a privilege and blessing to know and interview Dr. Morgan Joe of Cavalier Chiropractic about his premier chiropractic services at The Renova Center in Norfolk, VA.

"You are fearfully and wonderfully made ..." says Dr. Joe as he describes how his unique services present a relaxed situation where everyone feels happy because of individual performance goals being enhanced. "Everyone wants to perform at their very best. We also try to get them in and out quickly and don't kill their pockets."

And it works, as witnessed by the steady stream of athletes from high school teams, university teams and professional athletes who file upstairs to see Dr. Joe for neurological chiropractic services.

"Chiropractors are 'nerve doctors.' You may think we are just moving bones, but our specialty is nerves."

And that's what makes Dr. Joe unique to Olympic Athletes as well as NFL and NBA Players.

"I'm blessed that they come in here and are able to do such great things. They win Gold Medals and Championships... It's not a feather for us, it's a blessing to be able to say that you work with these guys and they come back. That's the real deal. It's one thing to have these great athletes be able to come in. It's another thing to have someone like Kam Chancellor say 'whenever I'm coming to town, I'm coming over to your office.'"

"And LaShawn Merritt brings all the people who are working out with him, and gets them to come in and see me, and I am known for doing whole teams at a time. I've been blessed enough to have been doing this for twenty years. I have a technique that allows me to adjust the whole team before every game, so I do a whole football team before they get on the field."

"It's just what I've been doing over time ... geared for expediency and proficiency... and it's more important to do maintenance than wait until you are hurt - I'd much rather prevent your hurt. Invest a little bit in yourself."

"If you want to keep performing at your best, make sure the alignment, that super highway from your brain to the rest of your body goes unimpeded, let that information flow, and the body says 'garbage in, garbage out' - if you give me good information, I can respond effectively. The nervous system is a system that is designed to do four great things in order to maintain homeostasis. When there is an absence of homeostasis, disease is lurking:

1. Recognize stimuli

2. Integrate information

3. Control and

4. Coordinate proper responses

Dr. Joe is also a premier professor at Norfolk State University, and has been teaching at universities for twenty years, as long as he has been a chiropractor. He teaches anatomy, physiology, and his favorite subject: neurology "because the nervous system is everything."

To listen to this entire interview, and to make an appointment with him - follow this link:

"We are fearfully and wonderfully made," Dr. Morgan Joe, DC extraordinaire

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