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  • Deb Wood, PhD, ND

A Fun Day to Heal

TOMORROW/SATURDAY is the day. From 10 to 6:00 - at the Renova Center. Sponsored by the Veteran Wellness Center ( - to introduce healthy ways of living to their community of Hampton Roads. You can't miss this first annual event.

A Family-Friendly Event: Talks, live band*, fun, games and demonstrations by area experts on creating Community Wellness regarding Healing, Prevention, Longevity and Thriving. For the benefit of Hampton Roads Families and Friends—or anyone who has been touched by illness, depression, suicide, post-traumatic stress or injuries.


~Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ~PTSD Real Cause & Solution ~Organic Farmer’s Market

~Flotation (R.E.S.T) Therapy ~Service Dogs Demo ~Freshly Prepared Foods

~Chiropractic Healing Therapy ~Police, Fire & EMT Demos ~Electromagnetic Therapy

~BEMER Bioenergetic Healing ~Acupuncture Therapy ~Wellness Bio-Scans

~ Personal Fitness Training ~Group Yoga Classes ~Infrared Light Therapy

~Financial Wellness ~Alaska Decompression Camps ~Nutrition: Healing with Food

~Weight Loss & Longevity ~Neuro-Fusion/Brain Health ~And More

If it has to do with health and wellness - you will find it here.

*If you haven't heard L & the Nite Lights - you are missing out. They will be entertaining us tomorrow.

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