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What is the Renova Center?


The Renova Center is a privately owned office complex located in the Art District of Downtown Norfolk, across from the Harrison Opera House and next door to the Hurrah Players.


We offer upscale office suites to business professionals interested in being part of an inclusive and collaborative community. Our tenants are health and wellness-focused businesses that generously support and promote each other. 

A model of abundance living: Make the pie bigger.  

The Art of Wellness


Renova is Latin for restore, renew, and revitalize. When you walk into our building you will sense there is a restoration in health taking place in a relaxed and calm manner.  You will find a level of friendliness not often found in the business world.

You wonder why?  How can a building 'feel' peaceful and make you long to hang out for a while?  Because the tenants contribute to a business model of abundance mentality and make a difference one person at a time.

For Information on Joining Our Wellness Center and Available Office Spaces 

"Saving one warrior will not change the world, but to that one warrior, the world will be forever changed."  ~Dr. Deb Wood

RENOVA WELLNESS IS THE EPITOME OF THE ART OF WELLNESS: There's always something NEW going on at The Renova Center.  Newest and greatest health technologies, and new ideas to make everything we offer affordable and fun.  New memberships for the whole family.  It's a great place to visit and experience state-of-the-art services.  It's a NEW year and we hope to see a NEW you.  Come and relax.

Take a Tour of the Renova Center
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